AOL is the most reliable and popular email service platform which is used on an international scale. Though using AOL email is super easy as it has a very user-friendly interface and fully-organized feature’s palettes, but it has some limitations too like any other email platform. Let’s get into the depth of the very common yet annoying issues which is “Unable to send AOL email”. The perfect solution for this error or any other AOL email related issue can be fixed by dialing AOL Toll-Free Number.

Hereby we are mentioning some common cause and the solution for the problems that occur while sending an AOL email.

Some Important Factors:

  • Check the “sent email” folders and clean to free some space.
  • If you are getting emails in your sent email folder, which you haven’t sent, you might use a compromised or hacked AOL email account.
  • If you are not able to login with the same password after signing out, recover the password immediately, but before leaving check your recovery option and makes sure they haven’t changed.

If you aren’t able to figure out the exact cause of the issues, the following solutions are common for all errors:

  • Restart Your Computing Device:

Restarting is a great way to resolve a large number of problems. If you are using your device for a long time, it is recommended to shut it down for a while in order to reboot its functioning and retaining the normal functioning of your device. This will remove the cache and other trash from your device and this will resolve some issues.

  • Try to Use Another Browser:

It is important to try to switch on another web browser if it stops working on the current one. This will let you detect whether your browser is on fault or not. Or you can simply download another browser.

  • Clear the Cache and Cookies:

It is important to remove the cache and cookies from the browser and clear it. This will set your browser free from unwanted traces of last searches and leftovers stored on your device.

  • Disable Firewall and Other Security Programs:

A firewall acts as antivirus and protect your device from malicious threats and optimize your devices’ functionality. So, overall it is an important feature which should be enabled all the time. But if you are not able to send an AOL email, then doubling firewall will let you figure out the exact cause.

  • Turn on the Rich Text/HTML:

Go to your mail settings and enable the Rich text and HTML on your account.

  • Send An Attachment:

It is important to send an image or other attached documents to be sent in the right manner. So, one must use the attachment option to send an email with a doc, image or any other media.

  • Check Network Connection:

Without a stable network connection, you will not be able to send an email. So, one checks the wired or wireless network to use your email client in an efficient manner. Reset the settings of your network on your respective device. Also, try to bring your device near to the router for better connectivity.

Ultimate Solution:

If you are not able to find the root cause of the issue, you can dial the AOL Support Number for the straightforward solution of the problem you are encountering. The toll-free numbers are accessible throughout the day and night at your service. For instant support and the straightforward solution always rely upon the AOL Customer Service, where numerous AOL experts working under one roof.

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